Recent Work



Lapham’s Quarterly (Nov 9, 2020): Stay Home, All Ye Faithful


Virginia Quarterly Review (Fall 2019): The Abuses of Enchantment

Creative Nonfiction (Spring 2019): What’s in the Water



Teen VOGUE (June 28, 2018): 7 Federal Misdemeanors ‘Worse’ Than Illegally Crossing the Border

Lapham’s Quarterly (June 20, 2018): Killer Queens 

LitHub (April 13, 2018): The Body in the Library 



Teen VOGUE (Sept 6, 2017): Confederate Monuments and Tributes

The Iowa Review (Spring 2017): Pulling Teeth



The Weeklings (10 August 2016): Writing an Elegy for Ellicott City While Reading T.S.  Eliot

Black Warrior Review (Spring 2016): Eva, she kill her one daughter

Columbia (Spring 2016): Detained

The Weeklings (11 April 2016): The Sinister History of U-Shaped Toilet Seats


Creative Nonfiction (Winter 2015): Five Bathrooms and an Outhouse

The Weeklings (28 August 2015): A Tale of Complicity in the City of Freddie Gray

Salon (17 May 2015): The ghosts of Baltimore



Shenandoah: Portrait of the artist speaking Viking and Portrait of the artist as a mommy

Spillway: Portrait of the artist in labor


The Ilanot Review: Portrait of the Dear Leader and

The 20th Century Writes a Cento 

Tupelo QuarterlyPortrait of the artist as Cassandra 


RHINO: Dinner party while the city burns


Fjords Review: Three Poems


Iron Horse Literary Review: Meditations on shockwaves

at the edge of space (with excerpts from the Kavanaugh hearings)

Poets Reading the NewsThis Is Not a Poem About Grace

The Rumpus: Three Poems   



Arkansas International: On Watching Election Results

Come In


Cincinnati Review: Pipes

Waxwing: Ode to My Son’s First Shooter Drill


TruthDig: Channeling James Wright Near a Sand Mining Site


Verse Daily: The Last Meeting