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Guinevere in Baltimore

Winner of the Anthony Hecht Prize

A feminist revisioning of Arthurian legend that examines love in all of its chemical, biological, political, and technological dimensions.

"What makes Guinevere in Baltimore work is the sheer brilliance of the individual poems...masterfully crafted, a veritable feast for any lover of words."

    – Charles Simic


"A freakishly brilliant book in its conception, Shelley Puhak’s Guinevere in Baltimore raises the stakes for American poetry of the twenty-first century."

    – Cate Marvin     

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Winner of the Towson Prize for Literature

A hybrid of poetry and historical fiction that explores who gets cropped out of, and what gets spliced into, the past.


"Deeply political and deeply personal, Stalin in Aruba is a startling debut...Puhak has me hooked. This is a poet to keep your eye on!"

    — Julianna Baggott

"Shelley Puhak’s stunning first book of poems is not so much a voyage but a zigzagging from one strange and fascinating port to another: Hitler’s lovers, lady laudanum drinkers, a high-school Proteus...and a cemetery of life stories."

    — John Surowiecki​

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