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The remarkable, little-known story of two trailblazing women in the Early Middle Ages who wielded immense power, only to be vilified for daring to rule.


"Lyrical and astute...a deeply fascinating portrait of the early Middle Ages that vigorously reclaims two powerhouse women from obscurity."

PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY (starred review)

“I was gripped from start to finish... Fredegund and Brunhild were clearly extraordinary women. In Puhak, they have finally found a worthy champion.”


"A powerful feminist history perfect for Game of Thrones fans."


"Dark Queens, [Puhak's] popular historical biography, aims to bring the pair back into the limelight, and it contains all the ingredients – the eventful plot, entertaining style and historical credibility – to achieve just that."


“Murders, kidnappings, perilous escapes, suicide missions, poisoned knives, marriage plots, witchcraft allegations: This book has them all.…Most of all, The Dark Queens demonstrates that Brunhild’s and Fredegund’s names deserve to be in the historical annals as much as any king’s.”


"Puhak pulls off a singularly difficult feat...[She] manages to bring to life two women whose stories have genuinely been obscured by time and propaganda and polish them off, revealing the gleaming individuals beneath."


"This is medieval history at its most fun. Game of Thrones, eat your heart out!"



“Queen Brunhild and Queen Fredegund are restored to center stage...a vivid picture of how they skillfully preserved their lives, their power and their families...History readers will be enthralled.”


“A fast-paced and intriguing account of two remarkable women who deftly managed to subvert the medieval patriarchy.”


"A richly detailed tapestry depicting a volatile, turbulent age...Lively, well-researched history focused on powerful women."


"Puhak takes the audience deep into the lives of these ruling women and shows how they were both capable and skilled as they climbed to the height of their power...A compelling read." 


"A story that is more thrilling and stranger than any fiction... a book that will appeal not only to those with an interest in the Middle Ages, but anyone who loves the cut-and-thrust of court politics and ambition laid bare."



“Puhak relays an astounding history where these women guided the destinies of their nations…The complicated and intertwined history of Brunhild and Fredegund is a fascinating read." 


"A well-researched and well-told epic history...that brings these courageous, flawed, and ruthless rulers and their distant times back to life."  

―MARGO LEE SHETTERLY, New York Times-bestselling author of Hidden Figures 


“This is the story – told with a sharp eye, at heart-pounding pace – of two extraordinary women who held power in a brutal world that believed their sex couldn’t rule. Many scholars 'still don’t know what to do' with Brunhild and Fredegund. Shelley Puhak does."

—HELEN CASTOR, author of She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth

"History owes more to Brunhild and Fredegund, two queens whose bitter rivalry left a trail of bodies in their wake, than the lies perpetuated by their enemies. So bravo to Shelley Puhak for a remarkable piece of detective work, by turns enlightening and shocking. Anyone who thought that medieval queens spent their time sewing and sighing is in for a surprise.”

—AMANDA FOREMAN, New York Times-bestselling author of Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire and The World Made by Women


"Bright, smart, and playful, The Dark Queens is a marvelous trip into the murky early Middle Ages...that restores two half-forgotten and much-mythologized queens, Brunhild and Fredegund, to their proper place in medieval history.”

—DAN JONES, New York Times-bestselling author of The Templars and Powers and Thrones

"An eye-opening medieval delight! Shelley Puhak rescues two fascinating, real-life women from the misogynistic dustbin of history, and sheds light on the origins of such strong fictional grande dames as Lady Macbeth, Cersei, and every Wagnerian heroine who ever sported a Viking helmet. Impeccably researched. A delicious read. ”

DENISE KIERNAN, New York Times-bestselling author of The Girls of Atomic City and We Gather Together

"On the one hand, a story of scheming and savagery to make Game of Thrones look tame — on the other, a genuinely important exploration of the relationship between two powerful women, written with zest and verve. Most of us know far too little about the ‘Dark Ages,’ so this narrative carries the all-important sense of discovery, that feeling of ‘I can’t believe I hadn’t heard any of this before!’”

SARAH GRISTWOOD, internationally bestselling author of Arbella and The Tudors in Love

"The Dark Queens brings the Merovingian empire to thrilling, bewildering, horrifying life. This is the story – told with a sharp eye, at heart-pounding pace – of two extraordinary women who held power in a brutal world that believed their sex couldn’t rule. Many scholars 'still don’t know what to do' with Brunhild and Fredegund. Shelley Puhak does."

HELEN CASTOR, author of She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth 


“In her stirring and passionate account of the 6th-century queens Brunhild and Fredegund, Shelley Puhak breaks down the doors of history to reveal a Dark Ages we’ve been told to forget: when queens ruled Europe, with wisdom, piety—and poisoned daggers... A brilliant reconstruction of our long-suppressed past, with all its murder and intrigue, loyalty and courage, The Dark Queens is unforgettable.”

NANCY MARIE BROWN, author of The Real Valkyrie


“These dark queens were undaunted survivors who still whisper powerful advice... Puhak has rescued forgotten biographies we must not forget.”

KARA COONEY, PhD, author of When Women Ruled the World

“A blood-soaked journey through sixth-century Europe, casting new light on the so-called Dark Ages. Puhak's compelling narration offers a surprising and thoroughly riveting take on the under-explored lives of fascinating female figures of the past.”

EMILY MIDORIKAWA, author of Out of the Shadows

“This gripping saga features everything from gory murders to scandalous nuns. Brunhild and Fredegund are often flattened into Early Medieval Europe’s great villains, but in Shelley Puhak’s brilliant telling, they come to rich and nuanced life.”

EMMA SOUTHON, PhD, author of Agrippina